AOC Sells "Tax the Rich" Sweathirts for $60

This is perfect.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  is hawking a new line of sweatshirts, one of which states "Tax the Rich" and it's for the low low cost of $60. 

Here's the deal. If you can spend that much money on a SWEATSHIRT just to virtue signal you're probably rich. 

In that case, why not just send the $60 to the government. Cut out the middle man.

Jim Treacher: 

I'm not rich enough to be able to afford a $60 shirt just to try to impress people who aren’t worth trying to impress. But I also don’t want to take stuff I haven’t earned from the people who’ve earned it. I’m one of those guys. AOC is never going to make a shirt for jerks like me, because nobody ever became powerful by leaving people alone.

Never let it be said that this isn’t the land of opportunity, though. Less than three years ago, all you could buy from AOC was an overpriced mixed drink. Now she’s got her own clothing line, just for winning an election and saying a bunch of nonsense that liberals want to hear.

Using capitalism to sell anti-capitalism. God bless America!


  1. It should just read, "Tax Me More."

    (I heard somewhere that the Rev. War was fought for a 9% tax rate on some goods; we in the US didn't have an income tax until the 20th century.)

    1. The 16th Amendment (federal income tax) came along mainly due to the progressive agenda proposed by Socialist Labor, Populist, Progressive and Democratic parties.

  2. Their philosophy:
    We know better than you on how to spend your money.
    The government will meet all your needs by taking more of what you earn.


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