Deep State Says Businesses Can Mandate Employees Vaccinate

Ah, so it won't be a federal vaccination mandate. How this is working is that the federal government has announced that private companies can refuse you employment or fire you if you refuse the vaccination.

So it'll be a middle man.  Hey, it's not the government mandating you stick poison in your  arm.  It's just the government saying that private businesses can (and should.)

Fox Business: 

 As health care workers and the elderly began receiving the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine this week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released updated guidelines clarifying that employers can require the vaccination when it becomes widely available in most cases.

The EEOC, which enforces employment laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, said Wednesday that a vaccination does not constitute a "medical examination," which employers are barred from forcing.

Because of this, employers can require workers to get the vaccine, except in specific instances, such as a worker who has a religious belief that prevents them from getting a vaccine.

 You can rest easy now.  It's not 1984. You only have to get vaccinated if you want to work, eat, or go out in public. And you thought you'd be forced to get the vaccination. Silly conspiracy theorist.


  1. "Because of this, employers can require workers to get the vaccine, except in specific instances, such as a worker who has a religious belief that prevents them from getting a vaccine."
    Let's hope at least some (arch)bishops refuse to take the abortion antidote or at least argue that faithful Catholics can, according to Catholicism, believe it is against their religion. That could possibly be our only get-out-of-unemployment card.

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    1. Why are you relying on faithless prelates to approve of your right to refuse anything that has the potential of damaging your health, or worse, alter your genes?

  2. I love your whinny woman picture. She votes on feelings, not facts.

    1. And perhaps likes to be taken care of by Big Brother and would love the Great Reset by Mr. Schwab of WEF.

      My latest blog post: The Great Star Trek Reset


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