Isn't it a little strange that the two major lockdowns came just before Easter and then Christmas?

My state of Pennsylvania has gone into an an almost complete lockdown just as they did in March. Isn't it a little strange that the two major lockdowns in this country occurred just before Easter and Christmas?

I mean, you've gotta' admit it's a little odd that the left hates Christianity and the two lockdowns come right before Easter and Christmas?

Intentional or not, it should remind us that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle. You can't have Christmas without Christ. Sadly, most dioceses across the country will not resist mandates from tyrannical governors and mayors.


  1. Good observation. We Easter Worshipers are a pain in the state's a, too.

    Hopefully, people will exit their fear stupor and vote Mr. Wolf and Mr. Levine out of office at the next available exit ramp.

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  2. I concur, been saying this all along.

  3. No it is not strange for those who care for the common good.

    1. Given the increasing evidence that lockdowns and masks don't prevent the bug from spreading and given how the suicide and drug and alcohol problems have been exacerbated by these actions, not to mention the financial ruination of so many small businesses, there is pretty much zero evidence that this is for the common good.

      And I won't go into how many of these politicians have violated their own orders because they don't believe the b.s. they spew.

  4. Given that secular anti-religious bigots are runnig these governments "lockdowns" before major Holy Days is not surprising at all. It is called tactics & strategy in the culture war.

  5. I do believe next Easter will also be cancelled, my mother has a hospital appointment in April 2021, a phone appointment, so they are not planning back to normal any time soon .


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