Nurse Faints After Receiving Covid Vaccine

OK. This has to be the worst pr event ever.  Other than every Joe Biden presser.

I hope this young woman is ok. But it shows us that this vaccine should NOT be made mandatory. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that YouTube hasn't taken this video down.


  1. A certain number of people will have a vasovagal faint after any injection or needle stick. It probably has nothing to do with the vaccine.

    1. I would guess that this NURSE has never had a shot since she was a small child.
      Or, she regularly faints after having a "shot" and the hospital figured, "no one will notice, she'll be our spokesperson anyway."

  2. There have been a fair number of less than desirable reactions to the vaccine. In a fair number of different places. I was told that it has not been tested on aged people either so we cannot be sure of how it will effect my own demographic.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch any and all news that may be unfavorable to the (hopefully not) incoming administration will continue to be censored. There will not be film at eleven nor will there be a special bulletin... go back to sleep, America.

  3. In a transit camp awaiting final orders for Viet-Nam I was pressed into helping on the shot line because I was a Corpsman. Lots of fainting, including among big tough guys who were going back for a second tour. An injection is an injury, and the psychology of childhood memories kicks in too. Criticisms by fireside Unferths are irrelevant.


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