The Bishops and the Media Are Acting So Different Now, Huh?

What a difference a day makes, huh? And when I say "day" I mean Election Day, of course. Since the big steal occurred, the media and the bishops have done a complete 180 on a few things.

The media finally reporting on Hunter Biden reminds me of the bishops publicly worrying about Joe Biden's abortion stance. Both, after the election.

We are not fooled.

Treachery or cowardice? There really isn't another choice.


  1. Your post reminds me about something reported by an abuse victim of former Cardinal, Mr. McCarrick. Mr. McCarrick told the victim that he would make sure he was ruined in the media. Mr. McCarrick was loved by the upper echelons in the Church since he brought in so much cash. (Did he rake in billions for the Vatican with the China deal?) The bishops and media now have an even stronger intimate relationship so they can all live high on the hog, it pains me to contemplate.

    It really comes down to the media (A/V dept. of Dem's) playing psyops. When the media hypes every little thing Trump and the R's do, people just want it all to stop. Now, since the media has stopped for the most part, the psychological reaction is exactly what the populous expected, confirming their hypothesis that if they voted out Trump (not for Biden), the chaos (riots/antifa) would all stop. We are being conditioned. The bishops seems to be part of the collective "we."

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    1. Good points. The damage McCarrick did to the US Church will last long after he dies. For five years (2013 until he was fully exposed) McCarrick was Francis' right hand man and "king maker" in the US. McCarrick is the reason heretics like John Stowe and Robert McElroy are bishops heading dioceses. He is the reason Cupich went from Rapid City, SD (39,000 Catholics) to cardinal in Chicago (2.2-million Catholics) in five years and how Joseph Tobin became cardinal in Newark.

      Bishops are the political class of the Church. There is a far larger percentage of bad bishops than bad priests.

    2. McCarrick as a prophet of Abbadon was anti-Elisha to Bernardin's anti-Elijah. If not for institutional opposition, if there arose someone to clean out the Augean stables, we should use the leverage of reform to discover all the underhanded dealings that Bernardin did, back to 1957 when he committed sacrilegious ritual sexual abuse of young woman in a Church.

  2. Let us implore in faithful hymns that the Immaculate Conception hasten her appearance lest her faltering faithful be found with lamps without oil, extinguished at the day of the Lord's visitation.

  3. The USCCB as a group has utterly betrayed every faithful Catholics.

    But I got a letter asking for more money. They are completely lacking in self awareness. But they'll still get invited to the right parties.

    1. We thought depleting them of finances would hurt them but it jist forced them to go to China. Sadly.

  4. Step one was to get jojothemonkeyboy elected. He is as elected as he is ever going to be.
    Step two is to get rid of jojo since he is a loose cannon.
    Camela couldn't have gotten herself elected dogcatcher but she is the globalist's choice.
    So first they hid/denied the disqualifying information (as best they could which was good enough, apparently) about jojo to get him elected. Then they reveal/admit that information to disqualify/impeach him.
    These are utterly corrupt human beings deeply in need of our prayers.


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