WaPo: Biden could redefine what it means to be ‘a Catholic in good standing.’

 This is pure insanity. To think that Joe Biden could change the channel with the remote is a stretch. To think that he will change the Church's positions or change Catholic minds is ludicrous.

What this is really about is the media desperately wants to change what it means to be Catholic and will use ol' Joe as their avatar in order to do it. 


Catholics’ views on Biden seem to serve as a proxy for what kinds of Catholicism they think most urgently needs to be advanced. Should it be more focused on qualities like engagement and empathy or on purifying doctrine? Is it as interested in Catholic teachings on poverty, refugees and the environment as those on sexuality and reproduction, or should it continue to place abortion law above all?

Despite these divisions, Biden is poised to make his mark on American Catholicism. For the next four years, the country will see its president go to Mass every Sunday, take out a rosary at times of contemplation, and quote his favorite childhood nuns and Catholic poets. And it will watch him try to navigate polarizing issues of special interest to his church that John F. Kennedy never had to take a position on — abortion, LGBTQ rights and climate change among them.

“It’s potentially a game-changer in American politics,” said Kathleen Sprows Cummings, head of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame. When Biden has spoken in detail about his faith, he has emphasized the values of welcome and decency, and that the worst sin is the abuse of power. With those images in the White House, Cummings said, “there is a potential to expand our national conversation about faith in public life beyond the abortion question. When you look at the whole picture you see someone who is a person of faith in a way [President] Trump is clearly not. Trump focuses on this world and on himself.”

Joe Biden is pro-abortion in the most extreme way and an extreme opponent of religious liberty. To think that Catholics are looking to a President Biden for guidance is offensive. 


  1. When Hilary said that, "deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed," I wonder if she was picturing Biden in her mind. Biden could help change the country to her ideal in his very person.

    Well, congrats Mr. Biden, you are now an anti-saint of the ape anti-church (Abp Sheen).

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  2. It is questionable that jojothemonkeyboy will even be president long enough to have any meaning. The knives are coming out for Hunter and James and jojo is sure to follow.
    The powers that thrust biden into the spotlight are preparing for his removal via impeachment or resignation (more likely) as the facts of the biden's dealings with foreign nations are brought to light... or more to the point, finally publicized on the big screen.
    jo will resign in disgrace and camela will take over the reigns. I have no doubt that that is the plan.

  3. It's not Joe or the media that are the problem. It's our bishops.


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