Asking the Amish Question

 The Amish live near me. I'm not endorsing their theology or even their way of life. But they judge whether this or that technology will bring them closer to God? Or will it be a distraction from God?

I think we should all ask ourselves, is this or that social media bringing me closer to God?
This time of social media upheaval offers us an opportunity to look freshly at our social media lives. I think it's a good time to ask ourselves this question.

Does this social media bring me closer to God?


  1. I haven't asked myself that question in that way, but I've definitely reduced my social media and talk radio consumption in the past year and it has made a huge difference in my overall mood. I'm still informed on what's going on in the world but I don't have anxiety over day-by-day political and social shenanigans. If I want to see a bunch of people acting childish and blowing things out of proportion, I have my kids. ;-)

  2. They live near me too. They go to my library; there are coverings and hitches for their horses.

    I wrote a comment on Daily Wire that may be relevant.

    "I agree [that we shouldn't leave FB/Twitter/YouTube]. As an undergrad, I was the conservative voice among an ocean of leftists at a public university's undergrad newspaper. My thought was that I was a voice crying in the wilderness speaking the truth (not my truth). Without my opinion column, many on campus wouldn't hear a conservative. I wrote about going to a Rainbow Alliance Bible study on homosexuality , about Gladiator (when in Rome don't do as Romans do), and about a visiting Hippy's perspective on the prolife side ( , among many other things. It was back in the 90's before the current craziness started. Conservatives should stay on liberal social media and stay cool (breathe)."

    My latest post: The [Keith] Olbermann Left

  3. I don't use Facebook. Never have. Nor do I tweet. Shoot, I still use a flip phone! (I text occasionally but not very often)

    I guess the only "social media" I use is posting at Catholic blogs and occasionally at Youtube. :^)

    Does that bring me closer to God? I believe most of the times it does. How so? To explain and defend the Faith (or learn more about the Faith via other Catholic posters).


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