So You Wanna' Fix the World?

Remember that depressing moment when you were a kid watching a show on tv and you realized there's only a few minutes left and there's no way this will all be wrapped up. Oh no this is a "to be continued!!!" Remember that feeling of disappointment?

That's how we all felt on New Years Eve. I can't help but think it only gets worse from here.

 I know God wont give us more than we can handle but I can't help but worry He is wildly overestimating us.

The world is a mess. We can all agree on that. And our instinct is sometimes to go all Joan Crawford on the world.

Main thing to remember is that we are not responsible for the state of the world. We are called to do what we can but the temptation is to pretend that we are in charge and responsible for the way of the world can lead us astray. Because if we're in charge of the world it becomes the priority and we may begin doing somethings we know to be wrong in order to change the world that we are in charge of. But the fact is that our main priority is to serve God.


  1. Yes. We are called to do what we can in our personal sphere and pray for God's help. It's the Marxists who think the only way to improve the world is on their own terms and build the new Tower of Babel. It doesn't turn out well.

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